Prompted great success of the Manhattan High Line Park, the central city district of Philadelphia, the purpose is to rebuild the Viadukt Reading Railroad, which wasn’t used since late 1984, in the green, civilian space. The idea of re-engineering has started in 2010, became partners with the Reading Viaduct project, and together with the City Chamber of Commerce and the Park and Recreation Cabinet. this idea came about as steel structures began to rune and pose a danger to residents and visitors, and the view of the city itself must never be neglected.

The research was carried out with the potential company SEPTA. It all started as a small meeting of the Quaternarians in 2011, where they discussed the community’s desires and expectations. In January 2012. Urbani, who were one of the research executives, and the project team, presented more project looks at a community meeting with residents, owners of the property, and business premises. Community members strongly want this part of the city to become a park, a green space with lots of grass and flowers, a walking trail and a bench for seating. They wanted the park to remain industrially significant, although there are still no conditions for it. At the beginning of March next year, urban and design teams, including demands made by community members, presented a new park plan. The design was required to enter Viaduct on North Street in Noble Street, 13th Street, and Noble, and on Callowhill Street between 11th and 12th Street. The community itself was delighted, resulting in the choice of preferred schema-designed alternatives.

A vision of the park

The vision of the board and design that is designed to turn the ruin of Viaduct into a beautiful vivid green park with climbing trails, landscaped environments, lighting, and seats. SEPTA rent this part of Viaduct for reconstruction purposes. At the end of the works, the board will hand over the completed project City of Philadelphia, whose owner will be a park and will have to hold it in co-operation with the Park and Recreation Section and the Friends of Rail Park organization. The structure of the bridge will be maintained by the Infrastructure Section. A new park of 25,000 square meters will provide the necessary green amenities in the neighborhood.